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Children using magnifying glass in Geography

Have the adventure of a lifetime at Stepping Stone School

Stepping Stone School is authentically Austin and has provided excellence in early childhood care and education to 100,000 children over 40 years.

Stepping Stone School is proud to incorporate entrepreneurship and philanthropy into our summer camp program. Over the course of the summer, the children create and run a series of four businesses from the ground up. From the purchasing of supplies to the division of duties and pricing the products, the students control all aspects of their enterprises. They decide what types of items to sell and how much to sell them for, as well as creating advertising for their products. Finally, they sell their products at the front of the school every few weeks. All the proceeds from our businesses go to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin. To date, our young philanthropists have donated over $80,000 to this worthwhile cause. This year’s summer camp features biweekly themes exploring The Future.

STEAM — Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math — principles are integrated into our curriculum through Math and Literacy programming. The children participate in activities, experiments and investigations of these principles each week. They develop problem-solving skills through critical-thinking projects specific to each featured subject. From making instruments and painting self-portraits, to creating sound and visual effects, the children are hands-on participants in their learning. Children also experience art as a gateway to learning in each biweekly subject and STEAM concepts as a whole. Our program excites and energizes children about these subjects by showing them that discovery can not only be fun, but can shape the world. This is accomplished through classroom activities, experiments, and our exclusive Professional Speaker Series.™ Experts deliver insightful presentations to the students regarding the biweekly themes and put the concepts into real world context, demonstrating the importance of understanding their world and opening the doors to future professions.

How is our STEAM Curriculum Implemented?

  • Science: Documenting and predicting; observing the environment and phenomena; building hovercrafts; studying the effects of acid rain, exploring the solar system.
  • Technology: Writing in binary code; using the HATCH interactive SMART board; creating podcasts and green screen videos; discovering coding.
  • Engineering: Planning and designing a city; creating and landing planetary rovers; building undersea transports and solar cookers.
  • Arts: Designing with mixed media; drawing blueprints for a space station; reimagining transportation; writing short stories.
  • Mathematics: Mapping the oceans; calculating landing angles and velocities; cooking; counting money; graphing science experiments; predicting patterns; recycling conservation calculator.

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