Sportball Camps

Sportball camps are built for fun!  Designed for ages 3 to 9 years, our highly trained and passionate coaches help children develop the ability and confidence they need to get in the game!  Coaches break down skills into kid-sized bites of fun that promote the fundamentals and encourage teamwork.  Kids play a variety of sports at our popular multi-sport camps, rotating through basketball, soccer, baseball, football, volleyball, hockey, golf, and tennis. Sport-specific camps focus on individual sports, for those that have a favorite or know their game (and will play nothing else!)

Preschool ages take part in fun games and stories to explore the world of sports in a safe and comfortable environment.  Age-appropriate equipment and creative instruction allow youngsters to have a blast and progress at their own pace.  Older groups practice fundamental skills and play games designed to promote the particular developmental milestones of the school-age child.  Coaches then work towards real game scenarios and scrimmages to put their newfound skills into action!

Sportball is also proud to have recently partnered with the University of Toronto in a study that found our skills-oriented, structured sports instruction can have a significant impact on preschoolers’ and kindergartners’ early physical development.

“Gross motor skills are important for everyday life, and influence not only how we interact with our environment, but also influence our health and well-being,” says Professor Andrea Duncan, at U of T’s Department of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy. Over the past year, Master of Science Occupational Therapy student researchers completed an observational assessment of children with comparable skills ages 3 to 6 and evaluated their levels of skill development before and after participating in an initial 8-week Sportball program.

All study participants were assessed on a 30-item scale requiring them to perform a variety of movement skills, including kicking and throwing a ball, walking backwards on a line, running, etc. Results showed that participants in the Sportball group demonstrated significant increases in ball skills as well as balance, coordination, and jumping.

Whatever the age or skill level, our mission remains the same… to create lasting memories and a love of sports that lasts a lifetime!

Visit today to register at a location near you, or sign up for a free trial.  We also do weekly classes, birthday parties and special events for ages 18 months to 12 years!

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