SoccerZone’s All-Star Sports Camp offers something for everyone

SoccerZone has been putting smiles on kids’ faces for 11 years now (in South Austin, Cedar Park, and Live Oak). They host the All-Star Sports Camp, frequently voted the #1 sports camp in Austin, as well as various soccer, basketball and football camps. The camps are mostly indoor on state-of-the-art turf fields. Some activities, like the water obstacle course, for instance, take place outside. The following is a review of the All-Star Sports Camp by “Austin Mom of Four:”


“When I evaluate a camp for my kids, I look for four things.

1. Is the location safe and clean?

At SoccerZone, the facilities are approximately 30,000 square feet, well-maintained and clean, from the bathrooms to the picnic tables and the fields themselves. There is one main entrance/exit and plenty of cameras to record everything that takes place in and around the facility. The kids are well-monitored with an additional staff member in charge of the entrance/exit. Staff are also CPR- and first-aid certified.

4 1/2 stars

2. Is the camp organized?

Each location has its own slightly different curriculum of games (sports and various activities) based on the fields/courts available. The outline is generally followed as the small groups of kids sometimes talk their coach into playing their favorite games and skipping ones they do not enjoy as much. Online registration could have been simpler, but I got through it without too much difficulty.

4 stars

3. Is the staff knowledgeable and friendly?

A coach or camp director welcomes every family at check-in. Despite the early hour and deluge of kids at the same time, it appeared that each child received a warm welcome and introduction from a coach. Billing issues were best addressed with the location GM or Camp Director, but otherwise, everyone on staff was quite knowledgeable about the camp and what the kids (and parents) could expect.

4 1/2 stars

4. Are the kids getting something positive out of the camp?

This is where the camp really shines. Whether the kids were learning new games, fine-tuning their dribbling skills or working on a craft project during breaks, the kids all seemed to enjoy the upbeat coaches and their fellow campers. The sometimes wide range of competitiveness among the kids was handled quite well by the coaches. They often encouraged kids with a smile and tried to make team games evenly balanced. By the end of each day, the kids were worn out but still excited about returning the next day.”

5 stars


Highly Recommended.

4 1/2 stars