Neuron Garage

Neuron Garage

Hands-on Building Camp Expands to 5 Austin Locations!

At Neuron Garage™, (formerly Summer Spark), Austin’s award-winning STEM Day Camp, children engage each week with a different hands-on building challenge.

With heaps of recycled materials, children create and build in search of solutions to open-ended challenges. Along the way, they learn strategies and tools to stay engaged, giving them more practice thinking creatively and collaborating with peers. They develop resilience as they process minor setbacks and continue to strive for solutions.

Neuron Garage™ was founded by Kaylie Reed, a Montessori teacher, and Sam Reed, a serial entrepreneur. The husband and wife team has created a safe, supportive environment for hands-on learning, enhanced with best-practices Kaylie gleaned from studying neuroscience and education at Dartmouth and over a decade of experience in the classroom. As passionate life-long learners, it was a story about Sam’s determination to learn something new that launched Neuron Garage™.

“One summer growing up, my husband dreamed of building a boat,” said Kaylie Reed. “Day after day, he and a friend sweated and tinkered in the garage. They envisioned the boat. They biked to the store for supplies. Without any guidance, they engaged in a think-try-refine process through multiple successes and failures. They were fearlessly curious, boundlessly creative, and joyfully resilient. And eventually, that boat floated. My husband hasn’t backed down from a challenge since.”

Kaylie and Sam have recaptured the magic of the summer of ’92 as a day camp for kids aged 5 to 12.

2019 Challenges:

June 3rd – June 7th

Stop the Plop: Design, build, and test containers to avoid the plop, or rather splatter, of a raw egg hitting a hard surface.

June 10th – June 14th

Marble Roller Coasters: Design, build, and refine marble runs. How long can you make them? Can the marble do a loop? Two?

June 17th – June 21st

Medieval Construction: Can you build a castle with a working drawbridge? Can you design a catapult the fires accurately enough to defend against intruders? Campers use two simple machines — pulleys and levers — along with lots of imagination, to build defense systems for their castles.

June 24th – June 28th

Car-dboard Mechanics: Can you build a car out of recycled materials? How about a track to race it on?

July 1st – July 3rd & July 5

Trash-ion: Can you make clothing from trash? Whether you want something unique to wear for a 4th of July parade, or just want to see how creative you can be, this short week is sure to please all designers and builders.

July 8th – July 12th 

Invention Convention: Can you design and build a machine that will pop a balloon? Set off an alarm? Knock over a cup? How many steps can you build into your design?

July 15th – 19th 

Mission Possible: Can you build a case to protect a super-delicate secret package from bumps and drops? Can you build an airplane to carry that package safely and land smoothly? What about a boat to cross a raging sea?

July 22nd – July 26th

Structural Integrity: How high can your tower go? If you could only use two materials to build it, what would they be? How about for a bridge? How much weight could it hold?

July 29th – August 2nd 

Cardboard Arcade: Turn recycled materials into a functioning arcade and celebrate by playing each others’ games.

August 5th – August 9th 

Space Survival: Race against the clock to create self-propelled spaceships and shelters for outer space survival.

Learn more about Neuron Garage™ at or call us at 512-593-5393.


1.ROUND ROCK: Upward Bound Montessori, 101 Fannin Avenue, 78664

2.CEDAR PARK: Harmony Science Academy Cedar Park, 12200 Anderson Mill Road, 78726

3.NORTH SHOAL CREEK: Magellan International, 7938 Great Northern Boulevard, 78757

4.HYDE PARK: Odyssey School, 4407 Red River Street, 78751

5.SOUTH AUSTIN: San Juan Diego High School, 2512 South 1st Street, 78704

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