Imagine Arts Academy

Imagine Arts Academy: Art with Purpose!

Imagine Arts Academy summer camps teach children art concepts like sculpting and painting, but also challenge them to use these techniques to solve real-world problems. Children are given the chance to explore art as a career path, and build their confidence as they create one-of-a-kind projects based on their own understanding of the different class themes. These camps are fun, educational and located are all over the Austin area.

Imagine Arts Academy summer camps allow children to design and create their own board games, plan the layout of a high-tech city, explore the wonder and beauty of the animal kingdom and earn their artist passport as they travel the world through art. Imagine Arts Academy offers three different summer camps to choose from and the variety of topics is appealing to children ages 5-12. There are locations all over town with half-day and full-day camps available.

Camp dates, locations and descriptions can be viewed online at See the full camp schedule or call 512-892-1143 for more details. Imagine Arts Academy is putting critical thinking into learning art!

Features of the Program Include:

  • Hands-on activities: Imagine Arts Academy camps are full of hands-on activities and projects that children make and take home each day of the program.
  • Active games: Throughout the week campers play games that inspire creativity and focus on concepts that they have learned in a fun and active setting.
  • Full-Day and Half-Day available: Imagine Arts Academy offers half-day camps in addition to full-day camps with an extended day option.
  • Locations all over town: Convenient locations are located throughout the city and the suburbs.

Imagine Arts Academy of Austin & San Antonio is the sister company of Mad Science and both are locally owned and operated. We provide the creative spark and let children’s imaginations do the rest. We combine art with real-world problem-solving activities for a one-of-a-kind experience. The creative environment allows kids to use their ingenuity in new ways and fosters the development of important life skills. Imagine Arts Academy offers workshops, after school enrichment programs, summer camps, fun stations, birthday parties, and more for children 5-12 years old. With the combination of Mad Science camp offerings, there are 14 different STEAM themes to choose from.

For more information about Imagine Arts Academy, email