Game Worlds

Develop your passion at Game Worlds

Game Worlds is an award-winning summer camp that gives kids ages 8-18 the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of game development! Whether they’re independently experienced or brand new to STEM education, students have a blast as they turn their passion for playing games into a love of building them.

Working as a team, campers learn both the artistic and technical aspects of video game development, bond with friends, and build confidence as coders, storytellers, artists, and musicians! Once finished, each team has the opportunity to pitch their brand-new video game to a panel of judges for feedback and fabulous prizes! Because everything that goes into their game is actually built by them, students leave Game Worlds with both a game they feel proud of, and the skills needed to build their next one!

Our week-long summer sessions last from 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. and include lunch, lectures and lessons from professional devs, snacks, games, and more! Each Friday ends with game tournaments and a giant pizza party that lasts until 9 p.m.!

Where Creativity and Logic Go Together

Each week Game Worlds presents students with a new theme to explore and build around! From Classic Horror to Real Life Robots, kids design games and stories around a variety of interesting and educational topics. We prioritize tools and techniques that enable young developers to become self-sufficient, and make a point of teaching both the scientific and artistic aspects of building games. With special design challenges each week, students are consistently given the opportunity to solve complex technical problems unique to their creative vision!

Made by Game Developers

The Game Worlds curriculum was created by real game developers, which means students always receive the most relevant and practical knowledge! Our involvement with the local game development community enables us to connect students directly with professional developers eager to share their knowledge. Student presentations at the end of each week give kids the chance to receive feedback directly from the minds behind their favorite games. From lessons and workshops to private studio tours, the relationship between veteran game developers and aspiring students is at the heart of the Game Worlds experience.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We hold our students to an incredibly high standard and expect to see their best work on display while at camp. Their personal investment in projects makes for ambitious goals, and the determination shown by young developers is truly awesome. Not surprisingly, the best way for us to say ‘thank you’ to our students for their hard work is with games! After lunch and at the end of the day, campers and teachers alike break out the controllers and share in the joy of playing games! Whether it’s bonding over Undertale or facing off in Super Smash Bros., the fun of playing games is just as important as the act of building them.