Extend the wonder with summer of adventure with Extend-A-Care

Boy swimming, underwater shot

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Caring for kids is what Extend-A-Care does all year long. The organization was formed to provide quality, affordable child care for parents and it runs 75 after-school camps in school districts across the Austin metro area. But why not keep the learning and good times going all summer?

Extend-A-Care is now registering for all-day licensed child care for children 3-12 years old for weekly summer sessions that start June 5 and run through August 11.

Each week has its own theme, taken from literature books that the students read. From the books springs a curriculum that offers children a continuous source of new and engaging material and themed activities throughout the week.

Examples of the sessions include “Surfs Up! Aloha Summer!” (Session 1) where campers ride the waves of summer fun with activities that are sure to make a splash! Surf’s up, dude! Campers also will learn about the island culture of our 50th state, as well as the power of the ocean, through music, experiments, surfing games, and various children’s literature.

The week of August 14-18 (Session 11) is “The Sky’s the Limit!” This week full of aerodynamic crafts and fantasy flights of fun will inspire campers to investigate the world of aviation, high-flying adventure books and the wonder of being able to fly.

The affordable fee covers care from 7:15 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. for most of the 10 sites (7 a.m. for Hays and Galindo locations), snacks at mid-morning and in the afternoon, and weekly field trips plus swimming twice a week to stay cool. Fee assistance is available. There is also a discount for those who pay in advance for a full summer of child care by May 12.

To sign up, log on to www.eackids.org. For more information call 512-472-9402.