Extend-A-Care for Kids

Have an Enchanted Summer with Extend-A-Care!

Extend-A-Care for Kids’ Summer Day Camp (5-12 year olds) is the place to keep your children physically active and engaged in learning activities while making new friends and enjoying new experiences. Our Summer Day Camp environment allows children to have positive social experiences through enrichment activities that promote social emotional learning (self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, self-awareness, and responsible decision-making), voice and choice, creativity, physical activities and others.

Throughout the summer, your child will experience a variety of enriching activities such as basketball, soccer, baseball, flag football, arts & crafts, cooking, painting and much more! Our summer curriculum is based on weekly themes, which are developed from children’s literature books introduced to students during the camp. This offers children a constant source of new and interesting material and activities.

This summer’s theme is “Enchanted Summer”— between “once upon a time” and “happily ever-after” lies a magical world of possibilities, heroics, fantasy and fun with all the giant-battling, spell-casting, princess-saving glory and adventure a camper’s imagination can conjure and create. Join Extend-A-Care for Kids this summer as we explore the realms of magic, mystery and enchantment found in literature, expression, science and nature.

Children will also attend weekly field trips—one on-site trip and one off-site trip each week for the exception of session 1 and 1A. The Extend-A-Care for Kids Summer 2019 Camp will also feature exciting clubs for your children! The clubs include the Kindle club, Film Club, Fitness club, Calligraphy/Drawing club, a LEGO Robotics club, a Photography club, and an XBOX club! These clubs will rotate through the sites during the summer, which will provide every child a chance to experience the fabulous clubs.

With dozens of camp experiences to enjoy, Extend-A-Care is a one-of-a-kind camp with something for every kid. For more information on Extend-A-Care summer programs, and to register your kid(s) for Extend-A-Care’s “Enchanted Summer” camp, please visit www.eackids.org. Register today!