Enjoy learning, creativity and fun at YPW Camps

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Young Peoples Workshop (YPW) in Austin, TX offers a unique spin on summer camp, with customizable camp options and even a full-immersion Spanish Day Camp that are sure to make your child’s summer one of learning, creativity and fun.

Available to children ages three to twelve, YPW leads over 28 camps including science, art and technology camps offered in English. These camps include “The Scientific Artist” where your child will discover the artistic side of science (i.e. the difference between light and pigment), “Engineering FUNdamentals” where campers learn how engineers apply scientific and technical knowledge to design machines and devices through hands-on activities, and “Mosaics & Sculptures” where your child will utilize no-bake clay, glass tiles, wire, fabric and more to create beautiful sculptures and mosaics. Campers can choose a variety of classes to create a customized schedule based on their interests.

“We have a camp for every child’s curiosities,” said Monica Moreno, director of YPW. “We make learning exciting by creating an interactive and individualized experience for every camper.”

YPW also offers the “YPW Spanish Immersion Day Camp.” This is the only YPW camp offered in Spanish, and all activities are conducted entirely in Spanish, with beginner to advanced levels for preschool to middle school age groups.

“The best way to learn a language is to become completely immersed in it,” said Moreno. “Even beginner students become quickly comfortable with this method of education.”

Instructors use a playful teaching style, with dramatic presentation, songs, games, miming and gestures to enhance both comprehension and fun during this full-immersion camp experience. Spanish Camp features unique curriculum such as how to prepare and cook traditional Latin American dishes, as well as a variety of field trips to a Latin Supermarket, Latin TV News Station, Austin Zoo, Mexican-American Cultural Center and more.

YPW is also helping to ease the registration and selection process for parents by designing a customized summer camp schedule, ensuring a rich and diverse experience for the camper. This “YPW customized camp experience” is available at www.ypwkids.com/specialcampschedule. Parents can fill out the online form, and YPW will custom-select camps in both English and Spanish for each campers. YPW can also customize the whole summer to include only camps in science, technology and art in English, or a combination of both English and Spanish camps.

YPW Camps run Monday through Friday from June to August, with full and half day options available. All YPW instructors are certified schoolteachers or highly trained professionals with extensive experience. For the summer camp registration form and more information about YPW, please visit www.ypwkids.com.