Enjoy the fine arts at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School

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St. Stephen’s Episcopal School is hosting a summer of fantastic camp experiences for all young artists from Austin, Central Texas and beyond.

All Camps are hosted on the beautiful 370 acre St. Stephen’s campus nestled in the hills of West Austin.  The campus offers breathtaking views and state-of-the-art facilities perfect for camps.  Our fine arts facilities include a 400 seat theater, dance studios, recording studios, photography studio and a darkroom as well as art classrooms and numerous other performance spaces. 24 hour security ensures peace of mind for all parents regardless of whether your child is attending either our day or residential camps. We have something for those interested or talented in photography, improvisational acting, singing, playing in a band, directing, producing or movie making.

The World of Improv is an exploration of all aspects of improv comedy and theatre performance. From storytelling, to off-the-cuff scene work to straight up wacky gameplay, you’ll be certain to get a heavy dose of hilarious as Mr. Sweetlamb (a near 20-year veteran of improv who has trained at Second City, UCB, and other awesome places in NYC, Chicago, and LA) delves deep into his bag of tricks. These will not be games played in any theatre class run by Mr. Sweetlamb at St. Stephen’s but a whole new slate of fun and funny games.

Photography Camp is an introductory photography course designed for middle and high school students. Students will be introduced to basic principles of photography (f-stops, shutter speeds, composition, lighting) and the digital darkroom, including basic Photoshop techniques. Students will have the opportunity to shoot a variety of subjects, including portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. Individual interests and ideas are encouraged as students build their portfolios. The daily schedule will include shooting time in the studio and in the natural environment on campus. The course will end with a brief introduction to alternative processes such as cyanotypes.

VocalEase Singing Camp.  Experiencing the whole body as the vocal instrument creates a foundation for developing a singer’s fullest potential.  In VocalEase Singing Camp, young singers will learn the mechanics of the vocal instrument, will be coached with the most current and cutting edge methods of voice training in bodywork and alignment, and practice the stability and beauty of traditional Bel Canto training. Singers can step into a new level of vocal freedom to optimize creative vocal expression.

Rock On!  Each summer there are some kids who don’t want to play sports or make pottery. They want to wear ripped jeans and play their music loud.  Introducing Rock On. Campers will experience the evolution of Rock through band formation, songwriting and specialized instruction. Our budding rock stars will record, mix and produce each other’s music. They’ll practice like pros, with pros. Camp will conclude with a couple of performances for our new bands.

Texas Arts Project offers a personalized artistic journey combining inter-disciplinary coursework, individual attention from industry professionals, artistic challenges encouraging growth, and a safe space for students from all backgrounds to overcome personal artistic obstacles. There is no benchmark at TAP camp. We believe that with direction and motivation, each camper can push beyond his or her perceived personal limitations. Teachers use the small classes as an opportunity to advance and enhance each student’s personal journey. Fast-paced, professional-style rehearsals and film shoots allow campers to excel as both artists and people. Campers leave with a sense of personal fulfillment, often exhibiting greater self-confidence, a deeper passion for their art form and a true commitment to themselves, their art, and the people around them.

For more information about all summer programs at St. Stephen’s please go to www.sstx.org/summercamps contact Shane Maguire at smaguire@sstx.org or call 512-327-1213.