Create, Explore, and Perform at the Austin Chamber Music Workshop

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Austin is filled with students playing in their school band or orchestra or taking private lessons. The Austin Chamber Music Workshop is the perfect place for young musicians to come together in a supportive and challenging environment to hone their skills by playing in a small ensemble with new friends.

Based on auditions in May, students are placed into a small ensemble with students of similar age and ability and assigned music that is appropriate for their skill level but still challenging. Each day during the workshop they meet with their ensemble and an instructor that has specific expertise in the ensemble’s unique instrument configuration. Students also participate in electives such as music composition and improvisation for more creative outlets.

Olivia Erwin, a recent workshop graduate recounts her experience: “One of the things that made such a huge impression on me was ACMC’s outstanding and dedicated team of teachers, supporters, and administrators. Today I still consider the ACMC community my family. They have been there and facilitated every step of my growth towards becoming a young adult, musician, and overall artist!”

ACMC is honored to once again host the Workshop at the impeccable facilities in the University of Texas’ Butler School of Music. “The opportunity for Workshop students to get a taste of a day in the life of a college music student is a huge benefit of our program along with the expert faculty instruction and explorative elective classes offered each summer,” says Artistic Director Michelle Schumann.

Jeni Gossard, ACMC’s Director of Education discusses the advantages of practicing with both standard and uniquely arranged ensembles: “the Workshop is open to young artists that play any instrument which is something that differentiates our program from others. Students learn to play in both standard and unique instrument configurations, making them more versatile and open-minded in their musical development. Each member of our incredibly talented faculty team comes from a diverse musical background, which allows students the opportunity to ask questions and explore new musical ideas.”

The Workshop runs concurrently with the Austin Chamber Music Festival featuring an international array of chamber music’s best and brightest stars. The visiting artists make themselves available to Workshop students for masterclasses, noonday concerts, and question and answer sessions. All students receive three free tickets to every Festival concert at UT’s Bates Recital Hall.

Student graduates of the Workshop have gone on to form professional ensembles of their own, teach at the university level, and play in internationally recognized symphony and opera groups. Of course, not every young musician will go on to become professional players. ACMC develops and implements the curriculum in a way that ensures the positive impact of working in a small team towards a common goal has lasting benefits on all Workshop students.

The 2017 Austin Chamber Music Workshop is open to students aged 7-18. Students aged 7-10 participate in the Primary Division, which runs weekdays from July 10-22. Students aged 11-18 make up the Young Artists Division, which runs weekdays from July 6-22. There is also an Adult Division that runs from July 5-20 for those parents looking to play in a chamber ensemble and/or chamber orchestra!