Boy Scouts of America

Think Beyond Summer

Summer camp is a great time for kids to have fun, but is “fun” enough? The programs of the Boy Scouts of America offer opportunities for children to learn leadership skills, discover possible vocational and avocational interests, and more all while having fun, year-round.

Girls and boys in elementary school will make friends and enjoy many different activities in Cub Scouting. Have fun designing, building, and racing a Pinewood Derby car or taking part in an outdoor hike or bike outing where the whole family is welcome. You’ll spend quality time with your child in a structured program that asks kids to do their best.

Think of how valuable it would be if your son or daughter was given the responsibility to plan an event or service project, lead their peers during that activity, and then look back afterwards to determine how he or she could correct any mistakes for the next time? Scouting offers this kind on hands-on leadership experience through its Scouts BSA program, in an environment where it’s “safe to fail” with no grades given, just lessons learned. This is exactly the kind of experience employers and college admissions counselors want to see but isn’t offered in any other extracurricular program or school assignment.

Of course, kids need to have fun, too. Scouts BSA offers as wide a variety of outdoor fun and adventure as you’ll find, whether it’s summer camp, winter camp, a High Adventure backpacking, canoeing, or sailing trip and more. And this isn’t Little League or other youth sports where parents must sit on the sideline; mom, dad, and other special adults in their kids’ lives are encouraged join in the fun with other volunteer adult leaders who are trained in the Boy Scouts of America’s best-in-class safety standards.

We understand that camping and merit badges aren’t every child’s “thing.” That’s why Scouting has expanded its program to include STEM Scouts, which allows elementary and middle school-aged boys and girls to simply have fun discovering science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in a fun, hands-on way outside of an academic setting. Young men and women 14 and older may choose from three exciting programs: Venturing, Sea Scouting, and Exploring. The Venturing program offers mountain-biking, climbing, and other fun outdoor activities. Sea Scouting takes the fun to the water to learn sailing, SCUBA, or kayaking. Exploring programs partner with businesses, governmental agencies, and other organizations in different career fields to give young people first-hand experience that’s better than any internship.

No matter your child’s age or where you live, it’s easy to find a Boy Scouts of America program near you. Simply visit, pick the program in which you’re interested, then enter your address to find a list of Scouting units as near or far from your home as you want. If you still have questions, contact the Capitol Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, at and let us help you get started.