Get ready for summer camp with these tips

4/9/97 Ralph Barrera/AA-S; Eco Camp goers Rene Ruedas, center in boat, and Shauntey Walker, center back in boat, try to manuever pass another canoeist, Juan Carlos Ibarra, with paddle in air, without colliding in the waters of Lake Travis at Camp Texlake Wednesday morning. These kids, all from Barrington Elementary School, combined with kids from Zavala Elementary were attending Ecocamp, sponsored by the LCRA and BFI Industries to educate inner-city students about the enviornment in a natural non-urban setting and celebrate April as Earth Month. About 50 kids from the Young Scientist group at the schools camped overnight and learned about composting and water analysis, and tried their hand at canoeing, and a nature hike. (feature only)

For this year’s camp guide, we offer a choose-your-own adventure to find the choose the right camp based on your child’s personality.

We’ve been writing about camp for 25 years and have shared a lot of tips.

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